Jennifer Pawlak, - Counseling    Consultation    Medication
As a practical and interactive therapist, I will partner with you to find resolution to current problems and we will work together in identifying and addressing any long-standing issues.
Using Bowen Family System Theory as a framework, private and confidential sessions will help both individuals and families resolve major life problems through understanding and by improving interpersonal relationships.
I am committed to providing my clients with a calm and supportive environment, one in which they are strongly encouraged to be open and expressive. My clients have full confidence that the nature of their treatment is something within their own control. I make it a top priority for my clients to have the capacity to gain and maintain wellness in an environment that is safe, warm and welcoming.
I excel at being in tune with my clients and developing the appropriate rhythm of treatment to help them manage through their issues and ultimately get well. I look foward to working with you to achieve your goals. Please call me today to schedule an appointment!